In March of 2019, CAL launched the Police Investigation Partnership Project (“PIPP”): an initiative that partners law students with18B trial practitioners and institutional defenders to investigate instances of prior misconduct on the part of testifying police officers. The allegations the students uncover in their investigations may (and often do) furnish valuable impeachment material for use in cross-examining police witnesses at trial. The project assists practitioners and protects the fair trial rights of accused individuals. Moreover, it provides students with exposure to the pretrial and investigatory phases of criminal practice in real time and in concrete ways, provides networking opportunities, and trains students in conducting and wielding the results of factual investigations–skills vital in whatever field of law a student goes on to pursue. We are thrilled with the success of our project thus far and hope to expand PIPP to law schools and practitioners across the state.

PIPP is coordinated by Brittany Francis and Barbara Zolot.