We take our work seriously at CAL, but also know that the best work is done in a collegial, supportive, and stimulating environment. We encourage independence, but recognize the benefit of collaboration. To that end, every attorney in the office is a member of one of four teams. Teams meet weekly to assist attorneys informally in identifying issues, developing effective litigation strategies, and handling whatever else might arise in the course of representing a client on appeal or in trial court.  No question is too simple, no issue too small. When an attorney is granted leave to appeal to the Court of Appeals, he or she hosts a lively roundtable session, to develop pre-briefing strategies and approaches.  Attorneys stay abreast of legal developments through in-house CLE seminars and informal office gatherings to discuss new legal trends. Office doors are open; CAL’s more experienced attorneys consider it their duty and privilege to guide and advise their junior colleagues.

A CAL attorney’s practice is varied and dynamic. In the course of any given day, an attorney might begin reviewing the transcript of a new appeal, fine tune a brief in progress, develop an innovative angle for a leave application to the Court of Appeals, begin drafting a trial court motion, consult with a client’s trial attorney, brainstorm an issue with a colleague, meet with a client’s family member, or argue a motion in trial court or an appeal in the Appellate Division. Each case is the attorney’s own, and if it ends up in the United States Supreme Court, then the attorney goes with it. Yet no piece of paper leaves CAL unsupervised. Every court filing, whether prepared by a junior attorney or the most experienced attorney in the office, receives close and constructive supervision. Life at CAL may sometimes be demanding, but we believe CAL offers a rewarding and enriching personal and professional experience.