People v. William Cook

Decided On : 3/30/2017
AD2 order dated May 20, 2015, affirming a level three SORA designation.  Decision below: 128 AD3d 927, 9 NYS3d 400.  Court of Appeals granted leave October 20, 2015. (Cross-Appeals)
ISSUE PRESENTED: (A) Whether the SORA hearing court erred in assessing 20 points under risk factor 7 for establishing or promoting a relationship with the victims for the primary purpose of victimization where defendant was a long-time family friend. (B) Whether courts can hold multiple SORA hearings for one offender in different counties for the same “current offense” - he pled guilty in two counties for crimes committed against the same children in co-ordinated prosecutions. (Assigned counsel: Lisa Napoli & Lynn W.L. Fahey, Appellate Advocates, 111 John St., 9th Floor, NYC  10038.) 

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