Client with Sexual Offender Status has Risk Level Reduced

Mr. O. was convicted of a sexual offense as a young teenager in the mid-1980s, and when the Sex Offender Registration Act came into effect in 1996 he was given the highest registration level.  In the years since, however, he conquered his long-term drug addiction, married, and maintained steady housing and family support.  He has remained free of any arrests for the past decade, and has not committed a sexual offense in the 33 years since his original arrest.  Mr. O. was also diagnosed with a degenerative disease, which made the requirement shared by all Level 3 registrants to report to an office in downtown Manhattan every 90 days particularly onerous.  With the considered consent of the Bronx District Attorney’s Office, Mr. O’s level was reduced all the way to the lowest level, Level 1, to reflect his extremely low likelihood of committing a sexual offense. Mr. O. was represented by Molly Schindler.